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The Issuance of a Republican Decree on Restructuring the CBY's Board of Directors


Below is the text of the Republican Decree No. (14) of the Year 2021, which was issued today, on restructuring the CBY's Board of Directors:

After perusal of the Constitution of the Republic of Yemen, Law No. (14) of the year 2000 on the Central Bank of Yemen and its amendments, the Republican Resolution No. (7) of the Year 2020 on forming a government and naming its members, and the Gulf Cooperation Council's Initiative & its executive mechanism, both signed on November 23, 2011, and based on the Prime Minister's proposal and for the country's supreme interest, the President of the Republic decided the following:

- Article (1):  The Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Yemen shall be reconstituted as follows: 

  1. Ahmed bin Ahmed Ghaleb Al-Maabqi, Governor of the Central Bank of Yemen, as Chairman.
  2. Prof. Muhammad Omar Banaja, Vice-Governor of the Central Bank of Yemen, as Vice-Chairman.
  3. Saif Mohsen Abboud Al-Sharif as a member.
  4. Hani Muhammad Hizam Wahab, Deputy Minister, representing the Ministry of Finance.
  5. Dr. Jalal Ibrahim Faqira as a member.
  6. Ali Muhammad Al-Habashi as a member.
  7. Khaled Ibrahim Zakaria as a member.

- Article (2): This republican decree shall be effective from the date of its issuance and shall be published in the official newspaper.

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