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Vice Governor Headed a Meeting on the Technical Assistance Action Plan in CBY Sectors & Departments


Dr. Mohammed Omar Banajah, CBY Vice Governor, headed a meeting with the deputies of sectors and the general managers of departments to discuss the bank's Technical Assistance (TA) Action Plan, which covers the main priorities and needs in these sectors and departments for technical assistance in such areas as capacity building & training, organizational & legal frameworks and regulations uplifting, internal & external work procedures advancing, and infrastructure enhancing, thus eventually contributing to the improvement of the overall performance in CBY, in line with the latest regional & global advancements in banking.

Over two days, the Vice Governor listened to the deputies and general managers as they were presenting and explaining their TA needs matrixes as well as their visions for future activity enhancement in their relevant sectors and departments.

Meanwhile, the meeting thoroughly discussed the importance of quickly completing the preparation and review of the bank's TA Action Plan Matrix, in coordination with both the Technical Assistance & Communication Department and Pragma experts, in order for the main components in the matrix are eventually extracted in proportion with CBY's Strategy and so that it is finally presented in the meeting of the different international donors (i.e., the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and USAID), which is expected to be held in Saudi Arabia in early November under the sponsorship of the Saudi Development & Construction Program - Yemen (SDRPY).

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