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Announcing the extension of accepting requests to audit the accounts of the Central Bank of Yemen


The Central Bank of Yemen – Head Office, Aden, announces the extension of accepting applications for auditing the accounts of the Central Bank of Yemen 2021-2023 to (Sunday, December 3, 2023).

Interested audit firms must comply with the following conditions:

  1. The audit firm must be among internationally classified and recognized international firms.
  2. The audit firm must have a valid license and is a member of one of the internationally recognized accounting or auditing bodies with a good reputation and standing.
  3. Prices presented must be quoted in USD currency and inclusive of duties and taxes.
  4. This announcement is an integral part of the Terms of Reference.

The selection process will take place after assessing the submitted technical and financial proposals, according to the Terms of Reference and the procedures set by the CBY Law related to the selection of the independent audit firm.

Interested firms are invited to visit the CBY - Head Office in Aden that is located in Aledaroos St., Crater, Aden, or to contact the CBY during official working days:


Interested firms will be provided with the Terms of Reference and any other information requested.


The deadline for submitting the technical and financial proposals is Thursday 2/11/2023.

Issued by the Central Bank of Yemen

Head Office – Aden

on 30 Oct. 2023

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